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Synthesoft Flashback [ Update 6/5/2022 ]

Flashback is a real-time, audio-responsive, generative art engine with a user interface that supports on-the-fly editing. It comes with dozens of configurable color and pattern generators with parameters that can be set, randomized, or be driven by audio or periodic wave forms.   It supports saving/loading of presets, editing of custom pixel shaders and color palettes, and quite a bit more.  It is code signed, uses a standard Windows installer, and can be removed through the Windows Apps and Features interface.

Flashback is free to download and use.  If you enjoy using it and would like to contribute to additions and improvements, please consider becoming a patron

System Requirements:

Required: Microsoft Windows 10 / 11 (x64)
Reccomended: A newer, gaming-targeted video adapter with updated drivers and OpenGL support.  OpenGL driver support is required in order to run presets that contain modules that use OpenGL (KOB Animator & GLSL Shader).  If a suitable driver is not installed then presets that use these modules will be disabled.

Flashback now has a shader module that supports fragment shaders like those found on ShaderToy and GLSLSandbox.  At the moment, shader support is limited to simple shaders that are referenced by filename.  In the future, I may store copies of these files in the presets so that multiple versions of the same base shader can use parameters from the Flashback user interface in different ways.  I've included a primitive shader editor/tester (screen shot) for those who want to port shaders from other sources into Flashback.  Did I mention it was primitive?  I'll be improving it in the future.

I'd like to thank David Hoskins and Leon Denise for allowing me to include a selection of their shaders with Flashback.  You can see more of their work, including the original versions of the shaders included with Flashback on their respective ShaderToy pages.   I'd also like to thank Inigo Quilez for sharing his knowledge of mathematics, computer graphics, and pixel shaders.  If you are interested in learning shader coding, his articles are one of the best resources out there. 

News/info about recent updates.

Download The Hypnogenic Screen Saver



This Flashback distribution includes the Flashback Visuals Generator/Editor, the Palette Editor, and the Shader Editor/Tester:

Flashback Visuals Generator

Flashback Visuals Generator

Flashback Visuals Generator

Flashback Visuals Generator

Palette Editor

Palette Editor

Shader Editor/Tester

Shader Tester

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